Friday, April 20, 2012

Miss M Enjoying the Finer Things in Life

Though we have gotten rid of all of our TVs, A has kindly let me have a LCD projector and a TV tuner, so I wouldn't need to spend all my free time at the bar watching the game(s). We rarely use the projector, because it takes a bit of time and effort to set it up. but when we use our projector to watch our movies or a few choice TV shows, even outside, Miss M has to become all involved in the viewing. 
She will try to find the little space between A and me and nudge herself in and she will then sit and intently watch the movie or TV show.
On the other hand, Mr. B could care less about hanging out with the family and watching the movie or TV show.
So he will find a comfortable place to lay and wait until we are done watching the wall. 
See what we mean about Miss M in this video:


Anonymous said...

Heehee! I'm pretty sure that Miss M has to be my sister from anudder mister cuz we both sit the same way! And mom says Miss M better be ready if she ever meets her in the furs cuz she's gonna smoochie her brindle face.

I don't really care abouts watching teevee. But I like to jam out to the radio.

Wiggles & Wags,

Chris said...

I think TV watching is a girldog thing. Two of our 2 females have been avid watchers....they could even identify commercials with dogs just by the music or first words, they would come running from where ever they were in the house.

Our boys on the other hand could care less about tv....much more interested in playing with their....stuffies! I see a trend here.

Rebelwerewolf said...

Chris, we are the opposite! Badger, our boy dog, likes to watch TV with us. He seems to especially like shows with a lot of green, like nature documentaries or football games. Mushroom, our girl dog, will park herself in the corner and play with toys or take a nap. Maybe it's because we don't believe in gender roles in our household? =P

Life_With_Alfred said...

I just want to kiss those cheeks.

Tucker The Crestie said...

Miss M. is so funny! Finn watches TV routinely, and my sister's now deceased Lab, used to also. It's so funny to watch them watching the TV that usually I end up watching the animals rather than the TV show. (Our TV lives in an armoire ...I am just about the only person I know without a TV in the bedroom.)

Kate said...

Oh Em Gee. Ms. M sitting in that position is hilarious!! She is so funny!

Kitty+Coco said...

Ha! Too funny Ms M. Must have been a good show.
Coco likes to watch Jaws and American Idol, but not much else. Odd choices. Kitty doesn't watch at all.

brooke said...

hahahah Miss M is like "get that thing out of my face. Cant you see Im watching a movie?" hahaha
Only a few shows catch Darwin's attention. The other week I was watching some Twilight movie (I know I know) and the werewolves were running through the forest and she stopped and watched that for a while. Other than that she could care less. :)

Anonymous said...

That video is too cute! Reese likes to watch sports and all dog shows. I think Ms. M is one of my favorite virtual pets I know!:)

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

My sis likes to sit like Miss M. I don't how they do it. My bum or my legs they just don't cooperate like that.


Anonymous said...

Would never have thought to use an lcd projector with a tv tuner in lieu of an actual television. How interesting :) The wall seems to work pretty well as a screen :) Miss M certainly likes it BOL What a novel way to enjoy a show :)

Waggin at ya,

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