Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Foster Dogs: On Fosters and Matchmaking

Bachelor Boris is the 5th foster dog we've had (which has been quite a feat with our own 2 big dogs in a smaller condo without a backyard,)  With each foster we've learned a bit more about how to help our pooches as they search for their perfect families. We've also realized how much it is like dating. Here are some things we've picked up along the way:

Getting Out There
 Much like 'Sex in the City', we think the key for our fosters finding their perfect families is to really be 'out there'. The more they're out there, the more opportunities they have to meet people, meet people who know people looking for a pooch, and run into 'their one'. So we always take the pooches out walking, we go to festivals, or just areas where we know there will be a lot of people. We know we are a bit spoiled in the city, but we were shocked to see how many people we met just standing outside of Starbucks.
This is actually how former foster Bella met her new dad (we wrote about it here).

Getting Noticed
Part of being 'out there' is also being noticed. Much like some of the single girls at the clubs do certain things to look available; our pooches wear flair. When our pooches wear bowties, or even flowers like Bessie Belle, it causes people to come over and start talking. Plus wearing an 'Adopt Me' collar advertising their availability also helps.

Being Seen
Just like online dating, we've realized how we can use social media to give a realistic portrayal of our pooches. Between the photos and stories people get a good sense of our fosters and they can share with their friends (how Bessie Belle found her home!), but we also found how important it is to make videos. The videos can show how the dogs walk on leash, interact with other pooches, and just more about their personality. SuperLevi's mom said she knew he was the one once someone forwarded this video to her.

We always love learning more. What are some other ways you help your fosters find their home? And were there any things your dogs did to find you?

PS. Foster flashback!
Little Red Wilma
Sweet Bella
Bessie Belle
Bachelor Boris


bigalrlz said...

I also think your MOO cards are a great idea i have also used. Leaving interested folks with some sort of document so they can look up the website to eventually fill out an application is HUGE. You guys are amazing! Sometime you should write a post about how you pick your fosters & how hard (or easy) it is to let them go.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

All my recent fosters have met their people online. Its been a while since I met an adopter at an event, and I'm not sure why that is--it may be that in the DC area, people spend way too much time on their computers!

Putting on a nice bandana, Adopt Me vest, or other conversation starter is also a great idea.

I love the pictures of all 3 of those similar-looking pups together! Brings out their beauty all the more.

Lindsay said...

Well said. Your beautiful pictures also help! Whenever I foster I try to get that dog out in public as much as I can. However right now I am fostering a senior black lab and it is so hard to get her out to meet people because she can't walk very well. She also can't get into the car very easily. Any ideas? I will have to do a better job selling her online or perhaps inviting people to come to her!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Yes, I forgot to mention having cards. Too often we would meet people, but I'd always forget to have a way for them to follow up. @Lindsay, that is a hard one too. I've heard that people enjoy seeing the dogs with families and imagining what they could do with their family. Maybe a lot of photos and videos showing her doing what she loves doing...and her own facebook page?

Anonymous said...

We are getting ready to do a blitz marketing campaign for Polly Pocket. Unfortunately it's been so hot that getting her "out there" hasn't really been an option when people are actually out. Hopefully we can get her to a coffee shop in Brookside soon - that was where we met Ginger Rogers' and Ginger Jr's adopters!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the ideas for my senior girl!

Emily said...

Hades came from a high-kill shelter where they put down about 900 dogs a week. They are severely under-staffed and dogs barely get out, don't get named, and mostly just sit alone barking for attention. When we went to visit there was Hades out in the yard with a volunteer, just standing there with his eyes glowing like fire. Jay and I looked at each other and said, "We have to go meet that dog!"

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