Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pooches: Do Dogs that Live Together Morph?

One of the first questions we're always asked when we walk the pups together is...are they twins?
Sure sometimes they do wear similar outfits, but they really are quite different. Miss M is tall and brindle while Mr. B is stocky and grey. They are both pit bull-type dogs, but Miss M resembles an American Bulldog and Mr. B is more of an Am Staff:
But despite all of these differences, I often catch myself sometimes unable to tell them apart.
They lay the same:
Even outdoors:
They practice synchronized walking:
And they love sleeping pressed up together that it almost seems like they are morphing into a single dog:
Is it common for dogs that live together to just grow to resemble one another?

I wonder if they would have still morphed in this situation.
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Unknown said...

My dogs are never far from each others side. They have become very similar in many ways, each of their personalities seemingly "rubbing" off on the other. They don't look anything alike, one is a fawn boxer/mastiff mix and the other is a black lab/boxer (maybe pitbull) mix, but they sure do act like each other!

Unknown said...

My 3 have to always be touching. . . I love seeing how much they love each other. All vet or groomer appts have to be together. They whine if one is out of their sight. ♥♥♥

Mayzie said...

Haha! I never thought that Miss M and Mr. B looked alike til I saw this postie. But now I can sure see the resemblance!

I think it would be weird if Brudder Ranger and I started looking alike. I wonder how that would happen. Would he start getting brindle furs or would I start talking in long, boring sentences?

Wiggles & Wags,

Melanie said...

Every one of these pictures are so wonderfully cute! I can see how Mr. B and Ms. M might look alike from a glance, but I think their faces are very distinctive. I guess that comes from looking at lots of pictures of them :)

Rachel said...

I love this post - your photos are awesome! What great pics of Ms. M and Mr. B. They definitely do things a lot alike. Our pups are always near eachother and would like to play bitey-face all day if allowed, but I will have to start noticing if they do things exactly the same.
Thanks for the pics - they definitely made my day :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. B and Miss M are just the cutest!!!! I've never thought that they look alike before but their behaviors certainly are the same and I can see how someone might get confused.

Boomer and Dottie are each very unique and don't really cuddle but they do like to know where the other one is at all times.

Heather said...

I love that in the first synchronized walking picture, both of their tongues are sticking out a bit. So cute!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are not looking the same, but we sure taught each other new tricks
Benny & Lily

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Oh, these pictures are too much! I, too, get asked all the time if Kaya & Norman are related though they look so drastically different to me. But they certainly do morph like Miss M & Mr B!

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

I know Annie and Paul have morphed into a brother sister combo, but they're defiantly not at in sync as M&B

Bella Wolfe said...

I absolutely love that last picture!

I doubt my Am Staff and German Shepherd will ever look alike, but they have developed similar habits. My sweet shepherd has rubbed off some of her gentle nature on my staffie, and he keeps her young at heart.

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