Friday, September 20, 2013

Pooches: How Miss M Became an Embarrassing Pick-Up Artist

I used to think Miss M was an amazing pick-up artist. Especially back in our Bachelorette Days when she was able to enchant people with her curled-lip grin, buttock-wiggle, and hypnotizing gaze.
Maybe it was because Miss M was just sprung from the city shelter, that she was not discerning and was equally engaging with everyone she met.
But then she began to get selective.
In a bad way.
Sometimes we met people I thought were sketchy. And I wanted to leave. Meanwhile, Miss M would think they were the greatest person ever. She would proceed with her signature lip-curl and butt-wiggle making it even harder for us to get away.
Sometimes Miss M would engage people who probably shouldn't be engaged. People who might be yelling loudly. To themselves or at others. Instead of just walking on, Miss M would make a point to not-so-secretly stare at them. And even as I pulled her to walk away, she would reverse her body the other way to continue obviously staring at them.
And the worst part, sometimes she will meet people who are so nice and they're so excited to meet her--sometimes they've even seen her on the blog! But she has used up her energy on the other people and she will give them only a passing glance.

Does anyone else have a pup who uses their pick-up artist skills for 'evil'?
Though, what can we expect since she has been doing a lot of this lately.
Meeting lots of nice people.
How Miss M lead me to find my "One"!
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Anonymous said...

maybe she is just forcing you to step outside your comfort zone...she's a four legged therapist!

OG said...

HAHAHAH! I love it! Petey will bark at people who are yelling at nothing or unstable. Maybe what Snark said is true....Ms. M is messing with you and the notions you two don't share :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ms M you must be related to my Lily. She stands on the street and waits for people to pet her
Benny & Lily

Alanna said...

Ha ha, Yes! Mostly I think it's great, because we meet so many interesting people, however I get a bit impatient when during our last evening pee jaunt she wants to say hello to every drunk stumbling home from the bar at night :o

kissa-bull said...

We would literally die of happiness if we were to meet Miss M in the furs!! Even a passing glance would do!

Pibble sugars
Brinks and Bella

Unknown said...

When my schedule forces me to take my dog out late at night, he just attracts and gravitates to the sketchiest characters (although the area is relatively safe for a petite female to walk around alone at night, I always bring mace just in case!). Sometimes I wonder what his life was like prior to being adopted ha ha. If only they could talk!

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