Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things to Do with Dogs in Chicago: Miss M and Mr. B go to The NOSH at Wicker Park

For some reason, a lot of people say the Taste of Chicago is the can't miss food festival of the summer. Though after spending most of our time waiting in lines, being bulldozed by crowds, and seeing someone run off with the full strand of food tickets dropped by an elderly man, we haven't been back in years. 
We really do love food and festivals and we were excited to hear about The Nosh food festival in our very own neighborhood.
This festival is a bit different because it showcases small-batch artisan foods that you can't really find in restaurants. We've tried homemade Bloody Mary mix, Dutch-Indonesean fusion sandwiches, lobster rolls, poutine, rib tips smoked on site, and sliders from Paulina Meat Market.
We love that it's a weekly market, and they are often bringing in new vendors
Plus, it's very dog-friendly. It's not overly crowded so there is plenty of space for the dogs, and they leave out water bowls. Though we have found that since it is on asphalt, without much shade, it can become hot for the dogs. They started setting up picnic tables on the side grassy areas where the pups can get out of the sun.

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Liz @ The Shrinking Owl said...

Ms. M is eyeballing that food HARD!

Anonymous said...

What a cool event and even better that you can bring your pups!

Anonymous said...

So fun!!! Now I'm starving.

Laura said...

That is neat that The NOSH is in your neighborhood, and is a great Saturday outing with Miss M and Mr. B!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

That sounds awesome! We went to Wicker Park when we visited Chicago and I loved it. I wanted to stay all day but my family was over it:(

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