Friday, September 6, 2013

Pooches: The One Where Miss M is Over It

There used to be a time when the pups were always on their best behavior.
And this was the worst thing Mr. B had ever done.
 I think they lived by the Little Orphan Annie mentality that there was always a chance that they might be sent back to where they came from. And they didn't want to take any chances.
Perhaps clever Miss M actually figured out how to read signed adoption paperwork, but one day she realized they were here to stay. And they became comfortable.
It first started when the pups decided to excuse themselves after dinner. To keep discipline consistent, we used to have them stay in their crates where they were fed until they were excused. But one day, we realized they were excusing themselves and just walking around. And Mr. B was just walking around with stuffy in tow and he was even doing things like this.
Then Miss M took things a bit further, and she would sneak onto the forbidden sofa. Though she was always clever and pretended like she had just been sleeping in her own bed the whole time. Even when she had this evidence attached to her.
Though now we realize Miss M is just over it.
See, we have a little understanding where the dogs are left in their unlatched crate (and tepee!) when we leave.  And they think that we don't know that they actually come out and walk around because they are very careful to run back to their beds the moment they hear us coming home.
Mr. B takes this very seriously and he always makes sure that he is in his bed when we come back. A few times we have even caught a glimpse of his little buttock scurrying away to his bed.
For awhile, Miss M would play along too. There were only a few times when we caught sight of her rubenesque belly trotting down the hallway. Because she was usually back in time.
Then we would catch her as she was just walking down the hallway, often giving us a backwards glance, as she returned to her bed.
Which has now become her just standing in the hallway, without any attempt to pretend she was in her bed the whole time.
Maybe she knows that we know she was walking around, and she just doesn't see the point in humoring us anymore?
And maybe Miss M is just over it. Or we aren't the enforcers we once were.

See, he really was in his tepee the whole time!
We have evidence this happens too.
The first time.
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Amanda said...

Like everything in life we all get a little relaxed in our rules! But, what is cuter than bully booties that are so stinking cute!!!

Luv My Rosie said...

I think you should chalk it up as your not the enforcers as you used to be. I was the same way with Rosie. Now, she just basically does whatever she wants. Although she is still upset when she gets yelled at or into trouble but she keeps her trouble making to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I can just se her face looking at you saying 'yeah, that's right, i'm in the hallway'. Love it!

Regina Hart said...

Adorable post!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH! Love the picture of Miss M. Maybe her sense of entitlement has taken over :)

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Haha...I love the picture of her waving:D

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys are very smart. Just try to do all the naughtily stuff before they get home
Benny & Lily

Rachel said...

haha I love this post and I especially liked the post you linked to about Ms. M's belly hahaha. I think we, too, are guilty of being more relaxed with the rules - I think it's just natural as time goes by. But still they are just so cute so it's ok :-)

Anonymous said...

I swear Boomer and Dottie are the same way... I think it's because we get so relaxed around each other after a while.

Pocket Pittie in the City said...

Love it. Maggie and Nigel have been hanging out in our bedroom when we leave. Nigel is getting some of that separation anxiety stuff happening now that Maggie's at boot camp for a little. Sigh...hope we can find a trainer with a magical touch like yours!

sweetemaline said...

Turk is the same way... I can't tell him what to do anymore either... with Rufus, he never listened so I never expected him to. Ugh.

Miss M is too cute... even if she is "over it."

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

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