Monday, October 7, 2013

SociaBulls: Having a Bad Day or The Best Day Ever?

During our SociaBulls walk, I was just telling one of our members how Miss M was having a really bad day. 
For the entire walk, she was stopping to sniff everything, pulling towards the grass and lunging to eat goose poo.
Though I guess if you looked at it from Miss M's perspective, she thinks she had an amazing day: she was stopping to sniff everything, pulling towards the grass, and lunging to eat goose poo. 
Are our worst days with our dogs really their best day ever?

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Goose poo is her kryptonite.
As anticipated, these things happened also.


Kate said...

Thank you for this. My dogs have been crazy lately. I'm sure they are having the best time though :)

Unknown said...

So funny! Yesterday my youngest, Cooper, just couldn't control himself. He was barking and jumping and just acting crazy with a giant smile on his face and his big ole tongue hanging out! I bet it was his best day ever!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah! So true, some of their best days are our nightmares!

2 Punk Dogs said...

So funny that you posted this today! This morning Maggie and Duke decided to bark ferociously at neighbors & kids going to the school bus and at other neighbors' cats. Of course they were wagging their tails and bouncing around like "this is SOOOO fun, we should defend the field nore often!" Darn punk dogs. :)

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

HAHA. I really appreciated this post! So true.

Elizabeth said...

Woo Poo! for my boys it is deer poo and it isn't eating it it's rolling in it. They just throw their bodies down like they are a three year old doing the dead body weight thing so they don't have to leave. It's so embarrassing but they like it. Besdies what's wrong with a good bath every three weeks haha.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Ms M I know from experience, don't eat goose poop
Benny & Lily

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Haha, this could be totally true:) Though we had a pretty amazing day at the beach together on Sunday. Though what I loved...taking pictures, enjoying the scenery and watching them run, may be different than what they loved...chasing tennis balls, sniffing things and swimming.

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