Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Costume Guide: Making Dinosaur Costumes from Dog Hoodies

After seeing how many people love meeting our pups when in costume, and how it opens conversations on the true nature of pit bull-type dogs, we have taken every opportunity we can to attend costume-required events. 
When we first entered this world of dog costuming, we were disappointed seeing how hard it was finding costumes for larger pups. Through some trial-and-error, we were able to figure out ways to outfit our larger dogs (we wrote about it here!).
We also figured out the hoodies, sweatshirts and coats the pups are accustomed to wearing to keep warm can make easy costumes. We had written how we used their sweatshirts to make Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes; here is another idea we had to transform their hoodies:
 We originally made dinosaur hoodies last winter after seeing a little boy in our neighborhood sporting a similar spiked hoodie. We wrote about how we made the spikes along the back, and how everyone in the family helped, in the post here. 
After seeing a dragon dog costume, we decided to take our hoodies up a notch and add some felt spots along the sides and google eyes on the hood.
The pups are accustomed to wearing hoodies, so we like how these costumes were easy and comfortable for them to wear. And they make good couple costumes.
Has anyone else been coming up with ideas for dog hoodie hacks?

Our other hoodie hack  And this one.
The most important thing to remember
The gateway and why we dress our pups

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Regina Hart said...

Love grumpy Miss M with her hood up!

jane said...


New to the blog and love it! I am now a daily reader. I've been scrolling through the archive posts and am looking for anything detailing your collar situation.

My pibble is so strong that he's busted quite a few collars and in the above picture it looks like you may have 2 collars or a snap on martingale, but I can't tell.

Can you either point me to the post where you address it or let me know what your collar situation is?


Two Pitties in the City said...

Hi Jane: Thanks for the kind words! Just because equipment fails, we always secure our dogs using a carabiner, and we often double collar . We wrote about that here: and here:
Right now we're using 2 inch martingale collars from Sirius Republic. We saw a dog at Petsmart in a martingale who was able to back out of it (even though it closes in) and our trainer said you could still double-collar with a choke chain (that can be loose enough to not actually function as a choke chain but work as a back-up in case of emergency).

Mayzie said...

Um, so, I'm not sure Miss M's costume needed google eyes cuz, well, I think she's got that covered naturally. Heehee!

Wiggles & Wags.

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

Oh my word! I love these costumes!! And you're right, it's soo hard to find things that fit the pups properly w/o major alterations.

Dominick said...

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