Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Miss M and Mr. B do the West Town Art Walk

Since we do need to be out there for our Daily Walks each day, we are always looking for fun ways to switch it up. This past weekend our neighborhood was hosting the West Town Art Walk, which just happened to be along one of our favorite walking routes. The art walk partners local businesses with local artists; you can just pop in as you're strolling down the street.
They also had performance artists and rickshaws and a trolley to take you from one end to the other:
Many of the shops that aren't serving food are dog-friendly, though E and I would take turns popping in as the dogs mysteriously looked on.
The pups loved the extra attention, and we loved some new discoveries.
We were very excited to see a new storefront,  Epic Spices, had just opened and was participating in the Art Walk. While it seems to be a smaller storefront, there is actually a large facility in the back which houses and grinds whole fresh spices. When I was talking to the owner, he said it is intended to work like a bakery where you stop by to get the fresh-ground spices when you need them instead of letting them sit in your cabinets losing flavor. They just opened and are continuing to add inventory, but they expect to have as many as 130 spices. While I was there they had Black Hawaiian sea salt, Pink Himalayan sea salt, and grey salt. We are so excited to have discovered them, and add them along with this tradition of ours.

Have we told you how our pups love art?
This kind too.
And we're excited to do more of this.


Two French Bulldogs said...

We think you went only for the attention
Benny & Lily

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day and the pups loved the extra attention!
The spice store sounds amazing and every new thing you introduce about Chicago makes me definitely want to visit your city :-)

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