Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Miss M and Mr B Cheer on Runners at the Chicago Marathon

Even though I have retreated to retirement, I still miss my Chicago Marathon running days. Each year we pack up the pups and head out in the wee hours of Sunday morning to cheer on the runners.
As a runner, the crowd support is beyond amazing. An estimated 1 million spectators line the 26.2 mile course with clever signs, costumes, and singing Elvis to cheer the marathoners along.
So we decided to add two pitbulls in Superhero costumes to the mix:
The beginning of the race course is densely packed with the neighborhoods coordinating costumes, cheers and screaming fans. It was always so hard turning that corner after the halfway mark to a less lively street. We decided that 14 mile mark is the best place for our pups to park and use their superpowers.
With their serious mugs, they were able to lure some of the marathoners off the course for some smooches. We were able to see Medgar and Blue's mom run by, and several people who knew the pups waved as they ran by.
We know it's often the runners at the back of the pack who might need the encouragement the most, so we made sure to stay out until the very end. Even as the final sanitation truck was rolling by, we wanted to make sure to cheer on the runners that were still determined to make it all the way through.
Though we don't know if Miss M was all that encouraging. Apparently, it was just too exhausting to sit and watch people who had just run 14 miles (and had 12 more to go!) and Miss M had to remind them of that by collapsing onto the sidewalk.
Was anyone else out there running or watching this year?

Wonder what really goes on along the race course? Here are my photos when I ran the marathon with a disposable camera. 
How the pups tracked me during my last race.
Deja vu with another superhero. And when they picked their own costumes.

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Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Eek - I love these guys!!! What great moral boosters! Are those kids costumes?

Eva M said...

Ahhhhh! I didn't even think to look for you guys! Next year!

Glad to see the pooches had fun cheering us all on.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand how cute they are! Love you that you stayed to shower the last few runners with support and cuteness!

Unknown said...

You guys are awesome - all four of you!

maddeelou said...

This is so awesome. Almost makes me want to run a marathon. My first half will be this spring. Think you can bring Miss M and Mr. B down to Champaign-Urbana to cheer me on? I would definitely stop for some doggie love.

Rebecca said...

Love "splat" Miss M. And, same question: are those kids costumes? Elle needs a Superman cape asap! R

OG said...

Oooooooooooooh! I just LOVE Ms. M in a tiara, all puddly collapsed on the sidewalk! are And you guys are wonderful for staying past the end!

Rachel said...

Love this post - Ms M cracks me up at the end when she is yawning and then crashed out on the sidewalk haha. It's so great you all go - I'm sure the runners love having the support.

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