Friday, February 14, 2014

Pooches: The One Where Miss M Breaks through the 4th Wall

It used to be that Miss M was just one of the "stars" of our blog. But since she started getting recognized out on the street, she has started trying to take more creative control of what we write and document.
It started quite slowly, much like Jim from The Office who is forever giving side-glances to the camera,   she was slyly breaking through that 4th wall to give her own creative input to our photos. Sometimes, instead of posing, she would blow kisses to the camera:
And behind-the-scenes she was always pressuring her co-star Mr. B to get camera ready:
Until she outright began giving us artistic photo direction:
Quick to show her anger when we didn't take her advice:
And even showing her extreme displeasure with some of our post ideas, in her own melodramatic way:
Were there any clues we should have caught that she had begun taking her "fame" too seriously?

Paparazzi! Even in the winter.
Not really smiling.

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Rachel said...

hahaha I love her doggles and the second to last picture of her - her eyes look so huge lol. Ms M cracks me up everytime. Happy happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

The ultimate doggie diva... Miss M.

Two French Bulldogs said...

I think you should give out pawtographs next

jet said...

She is right of course, without her, the blog would not even be half as good. Ha! Ha! Mr B clearly loves her and doesn't mind standing in her shadow!

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

Wow! A real celebrity. Have the humans been assigned new roles as butler and maid to ensure all Miss M's desires are promptly attended to? How has her new fame affected the dynamics with Mr. B?

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