Friday, March 28, 2014

Miss M, just another...human?!

We always like to joke that Miss M thinks she is Mr. B's owner, but lately it seems like Miss M has evolved into another human among us humans.
As we're getting ready in the morning, Miss M strolls right into the bathroom asking, "What's up fellow humans?"
Once inside she will judgmentally stare, critiquing how I brush my teeth and how A puts on her makeup, then snort in disgust
Since we never take her advice, it becomes like 'Groundhog Day' with the same scenario each morning.
Being "her dog", Mr. B cannot defend himself whenever he wants some alone time and must succumb to the demands of Miss M.
Sometimes A tries to rationalize with Miss M, telling her that her dog just wants to be by himself. As Miss M contemplates A's plea, you can see her weigh the pros and cons in her head as she comes to her usual decision of ignoring all of Mr. B's wishes because she is his owner.
During the Polar Vortex, I spent hours perfecting the the baked butterscotch cookie, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie and the snicker doodle (dog) cookies just to keep our home somewhat warm.
Now Miss M listens to our conversations and she can tell if we are planning to bake cookies. She makes it well known that she would like a snicker doodle baked for her...and reluctantly one for her dog.
Though it was difficult enough to have two heads of the household, it has become nearly impossible having the one head of the household, Miss M.
I am starting to believe A, Mr. B and I are all her pooches to Miss M and we must all bend to her will.

Clever for real.
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Anonymous said...

I now have a vision of Miss M. walking you three!

Anonymous said...

Miss M, I have the slightest feeling that you and Dottie have been in secret communications because I'm starting to see some of those behaviors in her too... Hmmm...

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Ha! This reminds me too much of a dog I know...

caitlin said...


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