Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pooches: On Second-Dog Syndrome

Miss M was my first dog I had by myself as an adult.
I wasn't always sure what I was doing. But felt sure I would do something wrong. And that I would 'break' her.
We became regulars at the vet. Every upset stomach, pawing at her ear, or scratched paw pad became a sign that she was breaking.
I felt like I could redeem myself from my inadequacies as an owner by getting her the best education. Miss M moved beyond the basic classes taking every single class I could find. With all of her classes, I would say she earned a Phd in dog-years, and the simultaneous tongue out with one-handed wave was a result of her research dissertation.
Mere years later, we got Mr. B.
And he joined us.
Mr. B rarely went to the vet.
He didn't even take his first training class until 3 years after we owned him.
He didn't get a long sought out collar to match his personality, but he merely got a collar to match Miss M.
Is Mr. B just the unfair recipient of "Second-Dog Syndrome"? And does anyone else find this happening in your home?

Miss M's very own pet.
Mr. B can never win.

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Unknown said...

We celebrated our first pittie Sunny's birthday with a party and special "dog" cake! We can't even remember when poor Molly's birthday is, so yes you are not alone ; )

Froggy said...

In terms of the vet I am still a total freak with Maize but everyone knows Pug is the light of my life and no other dog can compete with his greatness in my eyes.

Melanie said...

Maybe it was an unconscious response to Mr. B's personality. Since he's more laid back than Miss M, maybe he just didn't demand as much special attention.

I do find that I always think my next dog is going to act like the one I already have, so I treat them that way. But then you find out dogs have personalities almost as varied as humans!

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged!

OG said...

I only have 1 dog, Petey! But when we are with my father's dog Splash I often call her Petey

Patty said...

Oh jeez yes!!! I was talking to a friend about this very topic this wknd. With Sophie, I took every obedience class out there. Swyatt has only been to beginner obedience and that ended a few months ago. I also notice I let him get away with things Sophie was never allowed to do. Second dog syndrome for sure!

jet said...

Actually, the second (and third) dogs did more training than the first guy. I think it had to do with the life stage I was at. When I first got Bender I was still pretty much a party animal and I had heaps of non-dog related hobbies. Now pretty much everything I do involves dogs! LOL

Two French Bulldogs said...

I am packing Edwards bags

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