Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Walks: "The Family that Walks"

Whenever we're out walking without our dogs, I always remember a story a friend told me.
Every day after dinner, their family would take a walk around their neighborhood in the suburbs.
Since they didn't have a dog, which apparently would give them a purpose for walking, everyone thought they were weird.
They were called the "The Family that Walks".
Even though it's a necessity, we look forward to our walks and we've made them a family event that we can all do together.
And without realizing it, there may have been a bit of matching going on.

How we made their hoodies
Our family photoshoot!

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Rachel said...

I love that idea - the Family that Walks :-) definitely not weird. What a nice thing to go for a walk each day after dinner. Definitely something to think about. And I love your boots A!

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

We've gotten way off track with this winter weather, but we're looking forward to spring to get back into our Family Walks again -- we love taking at least one long walk a week in a new (to us) area together.

I'm super jealous of all that matching that's going on over there!!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

That's awesome that you love walking together. So many people see it as a chore, like someone get the dog out. It should be an enjoyable outing! And the taco cat sign!

Chill Out Spartacus said...

We can relate! My husband and I call our after dinner dog walks our "dates". On weekends we can easily end up on an unplanned five hour walk with the dogs. Walking dogs is so enjoyable to us, and that's coming from someone with a leash reactive dog!

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