Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things to do in Chicago with Dogs: Watching CHIditarod

One of the best parts of living in the city is you really never know what you might run into.
During some of our walks we have run into such unlikely events as a Snuggie pub crawl, a Zombie flashmob, and our latest: CHIditarod shopping cart race.
Part food drive, part costume contest, part drinking event, this annual race has been held in the Wicker Park area for the past 9 years. Teams dress in themes and pull decorated shopping carts, filled with food to donate stopping at several bar checkpoints. The race route is about 4 miles and it is held regardless of the weather.
After being cooped up this winter, we were excited to get out in this "tropical" 20 degree weather. Seeing CHIditarod as an added bonus.
The pups were excited to have so many people out that they could meet. One of the carts even had a grill on it, and they were nice enough to give the pups a taste.
Though Mr. B was a bit confused by some of the costumes.

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SherBear said...

Hahaha that is amazing!!! I took Nala to TBox this year and she had an amazing time greeting all the drunk people waiting in line (plus for some reason cereal is a part of it so tons of snacks on the street!) I love the randomness of things we can encounter in the city!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of adults in costume and this made me realize that you dogs are braver than I am!

Laura said...

You and the pitties are so wonderful about finding fun things to do, and about being positive during the Chicago winter! :)

jet said...

What a great concept :)

Unknown said...

This is a great write up of Chiditarod. What is the best way to send you information about this year's event? We're turning 10!

Two Pitties in the City said...

@Rohan Thandani: We have loved coming to the event and we're hoping to make it out this year! You can contact us by using the envelope icon on the right of the front page. Thanks!

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