Monday, April 28, 2014

SociaBulls: Behind-the-Scenes of Walk Photos

Sweet Ramona is adoptable through Project Rescue Chicago
Ever since our SociaBulls walks began, we have thought it was important to photograph each of our walks to see the amazing collection of pups that walk with us each week. In the beginning it used to be easier because I was always a dog less walker, though there are some new things I've been learning about photographing our group:

Capturing the Candid Moment:

I've found that the best moments between the people and their pups is during the water breaks, or even after the walk when everyone is tired and relaxing. It's in these moments that you can really see the relationships between the people and their pups.
The zoom lens for my DSLR is too heavy for these walks, so I've been photographing with a fixed 50mm lens. This is a good portrait lens where I don't need to be too close to their face, but I still need to be somewhat close. I try to be 'stealth', but it can be hard not to distract the dogs because so often they get excited if I approach. Plus, one of the goals of our group is to keep everyone calm.
A lot of the times I just need to have the camera focused on the pup and wait until I can get the exact moment when they look my way or smile.

Photographing and Walking:
In the beginning I always came dog less so it was easier for me to actually spend the time getting good photos of each of the pups, plus a variety of our pooches actually walking. I think you can really tell the difference if you go through any of our earlier SociaBulls posts.
Since I have been walking Miss M on the walks, most of the photos are taken either before or after the walk when I can have E hold Miss M. This means I don't have as much time to really get the best expression from each pup and the photos have a lot more of the cars and parking lot in the background instead of the nice scenery we see throughout the walk.
It can also be hard to walk while carrying such a heavy DSLR camera. Luckily we bring our camera so often on our daily walks I have become accustomed to balancing and making sure it doesn't swing into the poo.

Including Everyone:
We think it's important to try to photograph each pup and give everyone a chance to be featured online. Especially with big groups it can be hard to try to photograph everyone. Sometimes I know which dogs might need to leave immediately after the walk so I try to make sure I photograph them before the walk begins. 

The behind-the-scenes of blog photos
"Date" water-break photos
The early walks
Join our Chicago SociaBulls  Facebook page for more photos and information about group walks.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Out looks like the pups all get along so well. What a great group
Lily & Edward

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

At this point, we don't usually get dog-less walkers, so I go dogless every week. I agree - it's so much easier to get photos of the pooches. I definitely try to get one of each. We also like to feature a different dog each week as our facebook profile picture!

liliana876 said...

Its so nice that you photograph all the pooches. Now with Sasha gone, I find myself wanting/needing to socialize.. Maybe I'll look for a group in my area...if only I weren't so shy.

jet said...

yes often I walk the hounds together at events so that N can take photos.... I really am a bit clueless with the DSLR so it's her domain for now!

Unknown said...

I hope for Bella and I to join up on the sociabulls walks in the near future. I'm off every other weekend so it would be fun driving up Lake Shore Drive and watching Bella stick her head out the window enjoying the views of the city. It's about a 45 minute to an hour drive from our place in NWI, but I know it would be worth it...:)

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