Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Memory Home

A and I never thought that we would ever be able to buy a house in the city.
Especially a house that no one else has ever lived in.
Now that we have been here for a few months, the beauty of a flawless, untouched home is slowly fading away. And this is in large part due to the pooches.
Our once flawless floors are now riddled with scratches.
Scratches from the pooches going crazy for breakfast.
Pushing their claws into the floor as they're stretching.
Going crazy for their walks with their Dogwalker.
Running with toys.
Going crazy for dinner.
Stretching some more.
Going crazy for SociaBulls.
Going crazy for friends coming over.
Stretching again (Why do they need to stretch so much?)
Besides the floors, we have scuffs all over our walls from Miss M using our wall as a pillow, Mr. B running into a wall after snatching his stuffy from the ground, Mr. B running into a wall while going crazy for a walk.
Plus, little drips of blood from Mr. B's happy tail, and all sorts of smudges from dirty noses and toes.
On top of all that, our newly designed entry-way, courtesy of The Yellow Brick Home, has scratches from both pooches jumping up and down in excitement whenever our dog walker come for their walk.
We first thought of all the marks on our floors and walls as blemishes.
And A spent a lot of time trying to paint over the scuffs.
Magic Eraser the smudges.
And even file Miss M's nails so they wouldn't scratch as much when she stretched.
But then we realized, that these are the memories that we are all making together in our new home.
And it shows that our home is well-loved.

When you are loved for a long, long time.
And squeezed.
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Two French Bulldogs said...

You sure are fortunate. It must feel fantastic to be in a awesome city home. That no one else lived in? Jackpot!
Lily & Edward

KS said...

Love this perspective. I keep trying to convince my husband that scratch-less hardwood floors are overrated... :P

Melanie said...

This is beautiful! Yes, treasure the moments with your family!

Kelly_g said...

My house is the same way! I refinshed the hardwood floors 2 years ago and they already need to be redone in the hallway because of the dogs! It probably won't happen this year but maybe 2015, before it is too far gone. And as much as I don't want a rug in the hallway, I may cave next time around....oh and triple the polyurethane!

OG said...

A beautiful post! And a wonderful way of looking at things! I'm well acquainted with the scratches,scuffs and going crazy...especially when company arrives! Petey once shot across our apt, sent his bed flying, slammed into his water dish which went flying...all to greet a guest :)

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Your new house is so beautiful! Those dog marks are definitely a sign of a well-loved home:)

Heather said...

Eventually, rather than looking scratched, your floors will just be textured :)

Anonymous said...

Lived is far better than pristine. The 2nd day we were in our brand new house in our brand new white kitchen Melvin's happy tail split open and he became a blood sprinkler. It even hit the ceiling. To this day, I feel like i can still see it even though we had it repainted! Ahhhhh, true love. It's messy.

liliana876 said...

All those memories are what will make your house feel and be a home ☺

Laura said...

What a perfect way to think and to live! I love it so much, and thank you for your beautiful words and for your wonderful blog! <3

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