Friday, October 3, 2014

Mr. B Feels Right at Home

We have shown so many photos of Mr. B with his big heart stuffy, because we just have a lot of pictures of Mr. B with his big heart stuffy in our new home and neighborhood.
Right before our move, we pared down the number of Mr. B's stuffy and only kept the ones that were not too frankenstuffy like. Mr. B still has plenty of stuffys to pick from, but his best friend since moving into his new home has been the big heart stuffy.
At all times, he is carrying his big heart stuffy from one sleeping spot to another. He will carry it up and down all of our stairs and one time he even tripped on his stuffy while coming down the stairs causing him to stumble and run at top speed trying to catch himself down the stairs but luckily for our walls, he collided into A's waiting arms.
For every walk, he will do a quick search for his stuffy and grab his heart stuffy to take on his walk. Most of the time, we pull the stuffy away and hide it while we put on his leash, but we gave in once and he carried the stuffy for almost a half mile.
Though the stuffy went through four surgeries needing well over 75 stitches, the heart is here to stay, because it is one of the things that make our new house a home for Mr. B.

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Courtney said...

Aw! Mr. B is so cute with his stuffy.

JustaGirl said...

Love him!

Two French Bulldogs said...

It's because you have a big heart
Lily & Edward

liliana876 said...

He is absolutely adorable! Home is where the heart us 😊

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

That is SO cute! You must get a lot of smiles from people when he takes it on walks:D

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