Friday, July 19, 2013

Pooches: The Outdoor Animals

While it has been incredibly hot and humid the last few days, this is exactly the way we like it.
When I say "We" I really mean Mr. B and me.
Back when I was a single bachelor, I used to spend my time outside on the deck with a single chair, but when A (and the pooches) entered my life, she was able to convert it into a full out napping and sleeping space.
Mr. B and I can spend hours, even days, out on the deck. Since it is the only place that Mr. B can be on furniture, we can snuggle together like bros.
Even with the high heat index, Mr. B will try to spend all his time outside, even defying A when she wants him to come inside to cool off.
So we will both be outside: him panting and me sweating profusely. Happy as two disgusting guys while the fine ladies of the household play dress up and snack on crumpets and tea.
One night we almost got away with sleeping outside. That was until Miss M had to tell A that it was time for bedtime and we were still outside.
I think it was mainly that Miss M was upset that her pillow was not inside to make her comfortable.
Poor us.
We had to come in from our great outdoor adventure of listening to nature in Chicago: cars honking, sirens from passing ambulances, rats rifling through the trash, and drunk people yelling on street corners.
Does anyone else have pups who won't come inside?

Real nature.
Remember Country Mouse?
Deck Dogs.


Unknown said...

Ollie would live out on our balcony if we'd let him! He would love to move in with you and Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

It's cool that you have your own space that you can share together.

Boomer would love to stay outside as long as I would let him most days. It seems as he's getting older that he craves the warm sun on his bones several times a day and I'm more than happy to let him... as long as he doesn't overheat.

Luv My Rosie said...

Rosie would love to sleep out on the balcony if she had a hammock and it wasn't too hot. However, during these DOG days, she is perfectly comfortable snoozing on the couch either in front of the fan or under the vent. I don't think she likes to sweat. On the incredibly hot days she will quickly do her business and come back inside. I think she would even prefer me to carry her to a grassy spot instead of getting her paws hot.

Callie's Mom said...

So far Callies' new pet Gus would love to stay outside, even with the heat index of 110 today!

julz said...

My girl Faye, and in our home we like to call in walrusing. She will bask in the sun, on the patio for hours. Every few mintues she will roll over because the otherside is getting too hot. It's the strangest thing to watch becasue she really looks like a walrus rolling from side-to-side.

Anonymous said...

We live the opposite life of you and Mr. B (and would happily join your ladies inside)! Melvin and Jake stop at the door if it's 1. raining, 2. Hotter than 80 degrees. 3. Colder than 60 degrees (Jake only on this one).

Melanie said...

This made me laugh :)

Henry would definitely join Miss M in the great indoors, but sometimes, in the evening, he won't come inside. He prefers to lie on the deck, in the dark - maybe it's relaxing to him? That's also one of the only times of day that it's not burning hot outside, so I guess he's smart.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said... the pic of Miss M, what a tattletale! My mom's dog is a german shepherd and she's the opposite of you guys, she refuses to come in when she's out in the cold! She could be out in a blizzard sound asleep on a mound of snow and you have to go out there and pull on her collar to bring her in:/

Unknown said...

Love this! Unfortunately, I can't get mine to go outside, wait let me correct that. They won't budge unless its out the front door. Not the backyard as they are bored with all the adventures that the yard has to offer!

Unknown said...

I have a senior adoptable Black and Tan Coonhound, Walter Brennan, who has only come inside during this heat and thunderstorms; else he is a sunworshipper who I need to call for meals. I'm so looking forward someday to enclosing my front porch and sleeping outside :).

maddeelou said...

We live on 5 acres in the country. All three of our dogs are mainly indoor couch potatoes. Baxter, my mostly black pittie, will do a little solar collecting and then comes in to cool off.

I had to laugh at your description of city noises. Our uncle lives in Milwaukee and likes to sleep outside on our deck when he visits but he complains about all the noise. The tree frogs and birds really bother him but he is immune to car alarms and honking. Go figure.

Nice plant drawing on the board.

sweetemaline said...

That Miss M.... always the buzzkill. ;)

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

Emily said...

Hades loves to lay out and sun year-round but in AZ even Hades knows he can't be out that long in 100+ degree weather. "Two disgusting guys." Too cute! Miss M. tattling from the window...that's classic. :)

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