Friday, June 13, 2014

Pooches: The Not-So-Special Secret Powers of Mr. B

Being animals, we always think our pups' senses are much more attuned than our own.
Like how Mr. B has a second sense knowing the exact moment when we are coming home so he can pretend he never left his tepee all day. 
Or how he can watch E ride away on his bicycle and he will continue watching until E is a distant little spec just rounding the corner.
Or how he might just have this Sixth Sense. 
But these secret powers apparently all become void when it comes to cats.
We have written before about how Mr. B has a fear of the feral cat colony living on our block. Ever since one of the cats pulled out a claw and slashed him on the face Zorro-style he has always been keeping an extra eye out for these cats.
Though apparently, his secret-dog-powers are not working so well for him.
Like each time he sees a plastic bag blowing down the sidewalk he has to jump out of the way thinking the cat is coming after him.
Sometimes he mistakes planters on a stoop for the cat, and he scurries away using Scooby-doo legs.
The funny thing is, sometimes there really is a cat (or two!) just sitting behind the fence mere inches from Mr. B and he will just walk on by.
Are feral cats Mr. B's Kryptonite? Or maybe he just needs a new pair of specs?

This might explain it.
Or this.
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Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Poor Mr B! The first winter we had Edison he was terrified of those (terrible) giant inflatable yard decorations (which unfortunately for everyone, every other house has them!) -- he would constantly be looking back to make sure they weren't following!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Poor dude! When Kaya & Norman were younger they would freak out over random things...a potted plant, a stump or a filled trash bag. They must be more worldly now because I can't remember their last freak-out:)

I think Mr. B needs new glasses or a cat friend!

Kimberly said...

I read somewhere that dogs have great vision for things at a distance, but less than great vision for things close up. That's why sometimes if you drop a treat on the floor, you have to point it out to your dog. This definitely is true for my pup. He will have a bunny 6 inches from his face...and nothing, but then other times I think we're fine because the bunnies are far away and he's flipping out.

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