Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Miss M Explores Dog-Friendly Logan Square (with her boyfriend Vegas)

During one of our last trips we made the revelation that we spend a lot of money to traveling far away just to spend our time walking around and eating.
So now we just try to do this around our neighborhood, and we're able to include our pups.
Since we've moved we're still learning about our area, and it's only now that I realize how centrally located our home is. We are pretty much right on the border of 3 great neighborhoods.
We now live really close to one of Miss' M's favorite boyfriends, Vegas, and we were excited to join Vegas and his person to explore the Logan Square neighborhood on a typical Sunday afternoon.

Walking the Square and an Outdoor Brunch 
I've heard that Logan Square is one of the neighborhoods with the fewest actual parks, which is hard to believe because everything is so green. They have a huge boulevard system running straight through the streets. We love that it has that real-neighborhood vibe with so many locally owned shops and galleries. Many of them are even dog-friendly. They have plenty of outdoor dog-friendly dining, and we stopped at Reno's for some brunch (savory bread pudding!). The pups spent the time lounging on the ground next to a huge water bowl. They got lots of pets, and Miss M even met one of her fans (thanks for saying hi!).

Logan Square Farmer's Market
Every Sunday morning Logan Square has a big farmer's market where the highlight is actually the prepared food. Even for Miss M. A kind woman offered them both part of her sausage. The market itself can get really crowded and there are always a lot of dogs.

Miko's Italian Ice
I've always loved Miko's which is literally a walk-up window so you can order without leaving your pup unattended. And can you tell how much the owner loved seeing the dogs?
You can get two flavors in a cup. My favorite has also been half coconut, half chocolate so Miss M is just looking on without being able to eat any.

While Miss M was out on her date, any guesses what E and Mr. B were doing on a Sunday afternoon?

Hint here.
Our other favorite Staycations here and here. 
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Anonymous said...

Bet Mr. B and E were hanging out on the couch (since nobody was around to catch them).

OG said...

Vegas is adorable! I bet E and Mr. B were watching football!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Ms M!! Your boyfriend!! So much to see in your city
Lily & Edward

Lainey said...

OMG Vegas!!!! does he have a blog!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh this is awesome! Look at my Vegas-monster!! The pics are great and we had so much fun:)

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

I'm with OG, I'm betting Mr. B and E were having their hearts broken watching football. Just remember, hockey season is just around the corner.

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