Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pooches: Reluctant Handlers

It is probably hard to believe since A and I write a blog and share our lives online, that we are actually quite introverted.
We did meet quite a few people when we had Miss M because of her big personality, but it was really after we adopted Mr. B and started walking with two pooches that people would stare at us, make obvious head swivels, and come over running to meet us.
Thanks to the pooches we were taken out of our comfort zone and met a lot of great people. It was pretty uncomfortable in the beginning when we would walk through the bar and restaurant areas and people would turn to stare, nudge their friends to look, then it would be a whole group of people staring at the pooches. Eventually we accepted the stares and now we welcome them, because it seems like more people have accepted our pooches and pit bulls in general as a great breed of dog, just like every breed.
We love the compliments that people give our dogs, though we don't know how to respond when they tell us that our pooches are beautiful, we usually say thanks even though we had nothing to do with their looks.
We especially love when people have questions about living with big dogs in the city or misconceptions about pit bulls. These questions were the main reason we started the blog.
We are quite grateful for the community of amazing people we have met through the pooches and though we are still quite introverted we love the opportunity to meet new people.
We still can't believe it's been like this and this.
Though it does help that Miss M is like this.


RuthieJ said...

When we're out with Holly, people tell us all the time how beautiful she is. Many people will stop and spend time petting her and then tell us about pitbulls they've had and lost. Some people will ask what kind of dog she is and when I tell them, they are sometimes surprised. I always take it as an opportunity to let people know that there are great pitbulls in the world, despite what they've heard.
Your blog is still the best inspiration for me as a pitbull owner!

Anonymous said...

I love that you take your blog education approach to the streets! So friggen cool!!!!

SherBear said...

Nala gets a couple different types of people who approach her - those that are huge pitbull fans, those that see a super friendly looking dog and don't even think about what breed she is and then those that think she's a pitbull but her friendly demeanor throws them off (these are the most likely to ask what she is mixed with). I love the third type, makes me happy to give people a positive pitbull experience!! We ran into all three types last night when I took her around Wrigley Field before the Cubs game (Nala LOVES game days/nights), always a positive experience for her and me and probably some strangers too!

Btw I love the throwback picture of me and the pooches :)

Pocket Pittie in the City said...

I realize that I totally tell people how beautiful or adorable their dogs are and when people say that to us, we also don't know what to say. I definitely couldn't stop gushing about how adorable your two pups are in person. They must just have that effect on people. :-)

Anonymous said...

It makes me proud when people tell us that Boomer and Dottie are handsome/beautiful/etc. I take it as a compliment that we've taken good care of them and that they are happy and usually just say thank you.

jet said...

I always thought Barbie and Bender got a lot of attention, that was before we started hanging out with Honey the Great Dane. You can't go anywhere without people stopping to talk to her mum about her, and a lot of people want to pat her, hug her and take photos of her. Honey takes it all in her stride. Barbie would hate it. I think she likes hanging out with Honey because she becomes invisible next to her.

Two French Bulldogs said...

So cute! You guys are obviously loving the attention
Benny & Lily

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