Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things to Do in Chicago with Your Dog: Taco Crawling

The other weekend we had some friends in town visiting from Pittsburgh. They said the one thing they were really excited about was having the chance to get some really good tacos. Since our neighborhood lives on tacos, we couldn't decide on a single place to go.
So, we created a 'taco crawl'.
We picked a couple of our favorite places and traveled around eating a few tacos.
While our plan was foiled by full stomachs, we thought it would be fun to try again, of course with our pups in tow.
We don't believe in dog parking, so we like to pick places with outdoor seating, pick-up windows, or to call ahead and have one of us pick it up and eat in the park. We've been refining our list, but here are some of the places where we have crawled:

Picante Taqueria:
A traditional taqueria with a huge menu. We like that it has a large outdoor dining area with a lot of room for the pups to sit, but not a lot of dog traffic walking by.

This restaurant, that opened just across the street, serves modern tacos. They come in orders of 3, for around $11, though these tacos are a bit on the smaller side (which I guess makes them perfect for a taco crawl because we were still hungry). We tried the pork belly and grilled cheese tacos. They have a communal outdoor seating area that allows dogs, but there was a longer wait and it seemed a bit tight. We took ours to go to eat on a nearby bench.
Antique Taco
This is another modern taco restaurant serving things like horchata milkshakes (my favorite!) and rosemary margaritas. While their tacos are amazing, my favorite thing is the cheese curd chili. They are always super-busy and I don't think dogs are officially allowed on the patio (though we were there when it was colder and later at night and it was ok). They have a long wait, so it's easiest to call ahead and take it to go for a picnic in the park.

La Pasadita:
We love the traditional steak tacos, and also the fact that it is open until 3am. We love getting these on the go when walking with the pups. Or for eating in the park.

Big Star:
These are definitely the easiest tacos to get with dogs. Besides having an outdoor walk-up window, they have a huge outdoor area with picnic tables and they are right next to Wicker Park if you want to take it to go.
We even spent the night taco-crawling with some of our favorite dog friends.
Recognize these familiar faces? They've also had cameos here, here and here.
 We can't be the only ones who have tried this? Does anyone else taco crawl, or do any other type of food-crawl with your pooches?

Perfect for when we're doing this in the summer
Our new crawl?
Our favorite!


Sara @ LiteraryLima said...

We've taco crawled up here in Vancouver (Canada) with our dogs, super fun! Especially with the beach and surfing so close by.

Second City Pet Care said...

We love Big Star and Picante but never thought of doing a crawl, in Moose's case it might be a bit of a strut. He likes to show off a bit when walking busier streets.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've never thought to do a taco crawl either with the dogs or without since I crave tacos almost daily!

We'll have to check out what Wichita has to offer in the form of a taco crawl now. Great idea!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are suddenly hungry
Benny & Lily

Christine said...

Great to taco crawl with you guys! Nabi enjoyed commiserating with Mr B about having a bossy sibling, and Willie enjoyed feeling important hanging with Ms M!

Mel said...

Great post! I actually took the subway out to your hood to explore during our weekend trip to Chicago. And not going to lie, I was thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if I ran into Ms. M and Mr. B walking down the street, even though I had no idea you guys lived out there. haha.

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