Friday, September 27, 2013

Pooches: Mr. B, the Boorish Pooch

One thing that we enjoyed about our summer walks was that the pooches were generally laid-back. And slow.
Though now that the weather has gotten a bit cooler, it seems the pooches are using an entire season's pent-up energy, and they have gotten a bit more obnoxious.
From the moment we leave our gate, Mr. B is on a race. A race to get to somewhere that only he knows.
He is crossing streets faster than a speeding bullet, leaping abandoned poo in a single-bound, and using his x-ray vision to avoid feral white plastic bags and grumpy cats. It has gotten to the point that we have to call out his full name: including his middle name.
Many times his excitement is unanticipated, and he will be walking nicely then randomly spring vertically in the air with all 4 legs even. Then continue on.
Sometimes he becomes hyper-focused on his treats where he will march like a marionette but is off again like a brute once that treat is received. Sprinting to only he knows where.
Eventually...miles from home, he will calm down and almost walk nicely on leash and soon enough, he is exhausted and he can barely walk up our stairs.
Which makes us smile.
Not because he is tired, but because we are reminded that our 10 year old has so much life yet to live.
And each day he is excited to start his adventure.
We've also noticed this.
And what always makes us feel better.

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Regina Hart said...

Go wild man B! I can relate as I'm always happy to see our 11.5 year old Mr. O full of playful energy. :)

domesticgoddesse said...

I have noticed the exact same thing with our pups and the cooler weather. Like you, their antics usually make me smile :-) I love watching them so happy to be outside on an adventure.

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Oh Mr. B. We love that he still has so much pep in his step! Reminds us that we should be so excited

Our post today isn't the same, but kind of related. We seem to be on the same page lately!

bigalrlz said...

So cute! I love that yesterday was an Miss. M focused post, and today is Mr. B. Sweet that they both get a chance to shine in their OWN posts :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Mr. B is 10!!!!!!!!!!!!No way! He doesn't look a day over 6! And I'd love to know his middle name :)

Petey does the same thing, especially if we are walking somewhere new.

Andrea Joy said...

He has no idea that he's 10!

Rachel said...

I love the pics - Mr. B is awesome (and so spry!). Our pups are the same in the summer, the warmer weather definitely slows them down and makes them tired way faster!!
I love that Mr. B has a middle name, that's so great!

Happy happy Friday!

Bella Wolfe said...

Wow, Mr.B doesn't look a day over 5!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Well, it makes for great pictures! How nice that he still has a zest for life but maybe not so nice when trying to navigate city streets:)

Anonymous said...

Love that he springs in the fall/winter! I do too!

Anonymous said...

I love to see an older pup have some spring in his/her step... it's too cute!

Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

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