Thursday, September 18, 2014

Forbidden Indoor Lawn

When we decided to commit to buying a new home, I was most excited to have our own 2.5 car garage, not because we have room for a second car, but that I can use the 0.5 of the garage for a workshop.
Granted, I have only done small installations and repairs around our condo, somehow I knew that the workshop will be my home within a home. Much to A's dismay...or elation, I spend most of my free time in my workshop tinkering with random power tools and every so often making something worthy of leaving my workshop.
One of my first builds that was allowed to leave the workshop and be displayed around the house was the dog gate separating our rear porch from our front yard. Now the pooches are allowed to roam our rear porch and our garage deck without the fear of them taking off into the backyard and out the garage if the garage door happens to be open.
After this build, A wanted more gates to separate the rear of our home from the front yard, so we can make the pooches stay in the front yard or in the backyard. So I built couple twin gates and put them at the front part of our gangway.
The hardest part was using a post digger to dig a hole deep enough for the 4x4 that are used to support the gate.
Finally, A wanted a gate to separate Miss M from the most luxurious place of all, our lower level that is full of luscious indoor lawn aka carpeting. At our old place, Miss M had this fascination of going potty on our living room rug, which eventually became a rug covered in pee pads. It would happen in the middle of the night, in the morning, in the middle of the day, basically anytime she had access to the rug without supervision, which was almost all the time (a story for another time). Oddly, she has yet to have an accident in our new house, but we have yet to lay any rugs down. However, we are not willing to test if she kicked the potty in the house business with our new carpeting, so I built this gate using the design and instructions laid out by our good friends, CC, Jack, Kim and Scott. They did such a great job explaining everything I needed to do from start to finish on their Doggie Gate DIY post on their blog, Yellow Brick Home.
It seems like everyday, A finds new projects she wants completed around the house and I love it, because it means I can spend more time in my favorite room. It is too bad that Mr. B cannot hang out with me in the workshop, there just too many hazards around for him. But I found a way to have him in there anyway.
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Two French Bulldogs said...

Great job. Looks fancy schmantzy
Lily & Edward

Maggie said...

I love that you separated front and back yards with the gates. Lots of my neighbors keep their dogs in the front yard or running loose (with no supervision) and it can be very scary and hazardous when caught unawares by a barking dog snapping at your dog through the rungs of the front fence as you try to walk by on the sidewalk! We try to talk to people, but it is no use, sigh sigh.

Maggie said...

I was wondering about your rugs! It's so challenging when you have beautiful family heirlooms (like antique persian rugs, Knoll couches, handmade quilts) and they are either stored or covered with cheap fleeces from Joann's! I wish my apartment looked better, but I also love my animals. Btw, can A make me a kitty condo? Most are so awful!

2 Punk Dogs said...

Oh no, Miss M! Didn't realize she was a rug killer - our Serena cat ruined a rug when she didn't like a different cat litter. Now the cats take turns randomly barfing on the beds and rugs; we've learned not to walk around in our socks.

So Glad E has mad skills and a cool new workshop. :) Love the gates!

liliana876 said...

Very nice job with the gates! Right now we are considering converting our carport into a garage, but not for a car, instead I told my husband it can be our workshop. He's got his thinking cap on - I think he really likes the idea, as do I :)

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