Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Miss M and Mr B go to Design Harvest Fest (and they wonder where everyone has gone)

While the entire Chicago summer is filled with tons of street festivals every weekend, we all do get to the point where we can no longer handle the backwards cap-wearing crowd and trudging through beer-strewn streets.
Which maybe makes Design Harvest Fest one of our favorites. It's set far-enough towards the end of the season, it makes us feel like we really need to get that last festival in before we're all faced with this. 
 The other unique thing about Design Harvest Fest is it's more than just the typical beer-fest, but more of an Urban Orchard meets high-end design festival. The festival closes one of the major city streets to fill it with hay-bales (topped with fancy blankets and rugs, of course!), a tractor-pulled hay ride, and pumpkins galore. In the past they even had a tent with square dancing.
Among all of this is a huge design-tent and many of the decor-focused stores on the street displaying their wares.
We thought this year would be especially relevant since we did have a new home and we needed decor. And while this had been one that we'd been looking forward to, we were sorely disappointed to see the lack of participants and just lack of people overall. You can see how the background in the photos is eerily empty.
Regardless, the pups came out, posed on a couple of hay bales, and they got to see a couple of sheep and ducks from afar. Christy Weber had a really fun set-up. People were even making scarecrows!
Though it was really unusual for a festival, and especially such a major area, to be so deserted. We're not sure where everyone was. Maybe at Arby's enjoying a roast beef sandwich?

How it used to be.
And again!
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OG said...

You have much better street festivals! In NYC they are all the same, lemonade, corn on the cob, phone cover vendors, plant vendors and lots of food garbage! If I take Petey I try and zip through.
What a cool festival! I hope it gets lots of attendees next year!

Maggie said...

It's empty cuz Post 21 is gone! ) : Angela was one of the major organizers/connectors, etc.

Second City Pet Care said...

That is interesting. I was looking for the date just the other day. Apparently I missed it this year.

It has always been one of my favorites too. Too bad there wasn't more effort to get the word out.

Hopefully next year.

Unknown said...

Miss M is disapproves highly at the lack of adoring crowds, clearly the organizers did a poor job of announcing her appearance at the event. UGH!

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