Monday, September 29, 2014

SociaBulls: On the Value of Structured Socialization

We know that it can be valuable for dogs to enjoy the company of other pups, but sometimes it's hard to find that "just right".
Especially in the city, where so many of us don't have backyards, it seems like the only option can be taking your pup to the dog park. Which sometimes can be crowded, unstructured and just not the right fit for dogs who enjoy more personal space.
One of our members was just telling us that she used to take her pup to one of the dog parks where he was injured so badly he needed stitches (he looked a bit like a handsome Frankenstein). She didn't feel comfortable returning to the dog park, and she wasn't sure how to allow her pup to socialize with other dogs in a safe way.
 One thing we really enjoy about what we've built in our SociaBulls community is that it allows our dogs to get the socialization they crave in a structured, safe way.
Our pups can get the same socialization aspects through tandem walking while knowing the other owners in the group are aware of respecting space.
 Which has been so great for our reactive dogs who are learning to stay calm around other dogs, as well as dogs who might be shy, injured, older, or who just want to socialize in a calm, non-contact way.

The Structure
Why our pups don't meet on walks
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Patty said...

Great post! The reasons you stated are exactly why I love Hike a Bulls. They were a great way to polish Sophie's progress with her leash reactivity. And for Swyatt it has been a great resource for him to learn to be part of a pack and relax on leash.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Funny I was just going to write a post about how much I hate dog parks but I got so worked up just thinking about it, I decided not to write it. Kaya & Norman meet plenty of dogs from day to day because our outings almost all off leash but it is so different meeting dogs on hikes or beaches than the dog park. Mostly they just sniff each other & carry on. We also like to get together for back yard play dates with friends' dogs.

Kelly_g said...

Yeah, I avoid dog parks so socializing is hard! Before I had my second dog I used to take my male, Jay, to other friends' houses or invite them over to play which was awesome! But now that I have a second dog, Rayne, who is not as accepting to other dogs as Jay is, I don't invite people over anymore and rarely do I take Jay anywhere because Rayne is crated when I leave and I feel guilty leaving her alone:-(. I keep telling myself I need to introduce her to a couple of friends' dogs slowly and maybe after repeated tries all three of them can play together but that makes me so nervous!! You guys are lucky to have Sociabulls!

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