Monday, September 15, 2014

SociaBulls: On Not "Graduating"

Lately, we've been hearing so many great stories about our SociaBulls members' experiences.
About pups who are using their experiences from the group to gain more focus on daily walks.
About pooches who are becoming more accustomed to walking closely with other dogs.
And about shy dogs who are able to walk near people in the company of other dogs. These owners keep coming to the group because they are  so proud of the positive changes they've seen in their pups.
At the same time, I was just talking to another member about why all types of dogs come and if there is ever a time when they seem to overcome what they came to work on and have "graduated" from the walks.
After thinking about our own experiences, and talking to many of our other members, we've realized even as our pups improve there are still so many reasons the walks can be beneficial.

Pups Love Socialization and Stimulation:
One of the biggest benefits we've noticed from the group is that it gives our dogs a different way to socialize. We know that not every dog is able to, or enjoys, physical interaction when socializing with other dogs. Group walking is a comfortable way for all types of dogs to socialize.
We also like how it's  both physically and mentally stimulating and a good way to keep your pups' experiences well-rounded.

We're All Always in Training:
I know there are a lot of obstacles we've overcame, but I can't say that we have ever "graduated" from training overall. I have noticed that once I think our pups are successful in one area we tend to be more lenient, but by not practicing and using what we've learned they tend to fall back into bad habits.
We love how SociaBulls walks are a scheduled way for us to remember to follow our good habits. We love using it to work on check-in's, self-control (that would be Miss M always diving for the goose poo!), and focus (we're looking at you Mr. B always begging other people for their treats).

The Importance of Supportive Communities:
Back when I first adopted Miss M, I didn't really have other dog friends and I know it really would have helped to be part of a supportive community. From being able to talk about dog coats that fit, recommendations for dog boarding, and little issues we notice, it has been amazing to hear the recommendations from so many of our SociaBulls friends. We also like that we have met such a diverse group of people, we probably wouldn't have been able to meet, and we are all brought together through our love of dogs.

The inside stories (follow the link at the bottom) about why so many of our pups walk.


Andrea Joy said...

Great post- I totally agree!

Two French Bulldogs said...

I wish more pet owners would realize the importance of walks and socialization
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

I agree, you never really "graduate" from pack walks, there is always something to practice or work on!

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