Friday, September 19, 2014

Pooches: On Dog Rankings

If you haven't seen, Foster dog Feeney has been adopted. He is very happy with a person who loves him very much. You can read their story on the rescue Facebook page, here.

While we always see so many adorable pups in need of homes, fostering always reminds us that we can really only function as a 2-dog household.
Though having three dogs does have its benefits.
You know, like using logic to reason with our pups.
Like when Miss M decides to give us side-face and we tell her "Wow, Mr. B is the best dog on this entire deck"
Which maybe doesn't have that much impact. Because she knows there is only one other dog on the entire deck. So if someone is the best, that automatically makes the other one the worst.
But, when we have 3 dogs, we reason these types of ratings do hold more weight.
Like when we told Miss M she was the most unappreciative pup at this year's Shakespeare in the Park play. 
It actually meant something.
Or when we told her she was being the most difficult dog sitting on our blanket at the Secret Chicago Air and Water Show
She had real competition.
There was also a category for "Worst Dog Riding in this Entire Car":
And "The Most Irresistibly Sweet Dog Sitting on Our Blanket":
Though it makes me wonder if our own parents also secretly did this?

The most representative.

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OG said...

So happy for Feeney! Great photos today!

Two French Bulldogs said...

It's such a joy to hear when pups find their forever home
Lily & Edward

Taylor G said...

Small world - That is my dad in the background of picture with Miss M at the lake front not sitting on the blanket for the air and water show. We saw them that weekend and they kept talking about these three well behaved pitties all laying on a blanket next to one another. Sure enough, I pull up some photos and its you guys.

Kelly_g said...

Hahahahaha!!! I'm DYING!!! Those photo captions are the best!

Rebelwerewolf said...

We rank our dogs too. We've actually had success rewarding one dog for doing something right if the other dog is misbehaving. For example, the dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen, so if one dog wanders in, we'll give a treat to the other dog.

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