Monday, September 22, 2014

SociaBulls: When is a Dog Ready to Join the SociaBulls Group?

While we love that our group has so many different types of dogs, with different types of personalities, working on different types of skills, a perspective member just brought up the really good question: How do you know when your pup is ready to join the group?
I know this is definitely one of the biggest fears of new members.
They are always afraid that their dog will be the one to "ruin" the walks.
They predict their dog will bark and jump, maybe do circular acrobatics in the air. Or just sing non-stop for the entire walk.
Which is completely okay, because we are a non-judgmental group.
The main thing is just knowing our group isn't a replacement for training, but just a way of 'owners-helping-owners' as a type of 'after-training' to work on the things that we've learned. We just ask that the owners have owned their dogs for 3+ months so they know their dog, and they have been exposed to a formal group setting with other dogs so they understand how to best handle their pup and gain focus.
We use our application process as a way of learning more about each dog as a way to provide a positive experience within the pack and to familiarize the owners with our pack rules that have helped all of us to be successful.
Because we've all had our first walks. And we all started somewhere.
Even this city turtle who joined us the other week.


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Annie & Pauls Mom said...

I love the turtle on the walk! Although, I have to admit, we would have had to walk around him. Paul loves to bark at the turtles we pass on our daily walks.

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