Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pooches: Do Your Pups Wear Costumes?

One thing we love about Chicago is there is always so much to do. And we also love that there is so much to do in costume.
Sure, I never thought I would be the one to dress up my dog. Let alone my pair of 60+ pounds dogs.
But all it took was a the discovery of winter coats to open the gateway for tiaras and top hats and even wigs.
Sure, sometimes we hear the occasional "those poor dogs" where people think all dogs are miserable in clothing. Though, as we wrote in an earlier post, there are a couple of reasons we can tell that our dogs are actually happier and safer because they are wearing gear:

Keeping Warm
I never thought I would be one to dress up my big dog, but when I realized Miss M just couldn't handle rain or any temperature below 40 degrees I realized I needed to start. Since we do live in Chicago, and we need to walk in the winter, I decided to get her a coat. And it was the coat that became our gateway to sweaters and hoodies and snoods. Knowing how miserable our pups are when they are cold or wet, I think that they are actually happier wearing things.

Getting Petted
There is nothing our pups love more than meeting people. Sure, they will meet some people when we go on our walks, but when the pups are wearing clothes or costumes it gives people even more reason to approach our dogs. Which makes our pups so, so happy!
Just see what we mean here (in the bottom video) and here and here.

I know I'm a paranoid pet-owner, but since we can never leave the vet for under $150, and Miss M is prone to letting her jowl flap in the breeze , we thought it would be a good idea to get the pups some protective eye-wear so they can enjoy looking out the window (we wrote more about it here). I think it also helps that she gets attention from the cars that pull up alongside us and squeals of delight from people walking. And we're working on less jowl flapping.

Besides the reasons above, we also use gear as training tools and as a way to disarm people and open the conversation to see what pit bull-type dogs are really like.

Do you dress up your pup?

How to make sure your dog is comfortable wearing costumes
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Two French Bulldogs said...

Of course we dress up. BOL we thought that was Obama
Lily & Edward

Moore8825@gmail.com said...

I've never been one to want to decorate my dog. But there is something about the goofy nature and smile of a bully that is breaking me down. (I think my pup would look dandy as a Cowardly Lion in a mane collar. And he seems to enjoy collars and bandanas. Just not tshirts and hats.

Anonymous said...

I dress the boys up for Halloween, but only because I am certain they don't mind. The show no sign of any stress and they love the attention they get from little humans so it's a win win. I'm just sure to take the costumes off it they show any sign of unhappiness or seem to be getting hot.

Anonymous said...

Dog costumery was half-off at the pet food store last night, so my pup (8 years old, but new to me in July) can be a ladybug ballerina cowboy for Halloween now. We tried on the tutu, wings, and headband last night, and she doesn't seem to mind them at all!

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