Friday, April 12, 2013

Pooches: Miss M's Cone Fashion Show

Since this happened, we have been lucky enough to never have our pups in a cone for an extended amount of time.
We've learned not all cones are the same.
Miss M wanted to find the one that was just right.
She tried this floppy one:
Miss M would gladly stretch out her neck out for what she thought was an exotic, fancy collar:
 But I think she really liked how this inner-tube cone meant she always had a pillow handy:
Ultimately, once we figured out she could do the 'cat splits', stretching her leg straight up in the air ,we were afraid she could potentially pull out her stitches, and we realized she needed the classic: "martini glass cone".
Which has caused fun hijinks around our place. Like how I will be sitting next to her, but out of her vision, and if I call her name she will go running in the other direction down the hall:
Though I think Miss M really appreciates how the cone really does accentuate her 'beautiful features'. Even when her 'mouth is full'.
The good news is she just got her stitches out and she is healing nicely.
I think she secretly misses her pillow.
Though we did find out that she was misdiagnosed and it really was a tumor. They believe they got most of it out, but now we are doing nightly pet-checks (just like nightly tick checks for anyone who went to camp) so we can catch any bumps that might re-emerge. 
We're all happy to get back to normal....except for Mr. B who will now go back to this.

PS. Did you see this video of cone hijinks in action?
I think maybe this helped make Miss M more comfortable wearing her cone.
And maybe the cone would help me with this problem Miss M has.


HoundDogMom said...

We are sorry we missed the original post about Miss M. We are glad she is recovery. She is just such a ham no matter what the circumstance is. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Oh Miss M... never a dull moment! Sending good thoughts for your pet-checks!

Anonymous said...

Tumors are evil, I hope they got it all but it's a good thing you're doing your checks. (We have to do the same thing with Boomer after our scare a little while back.)

I do feel bad for Miss M in her cone, they can't be comfortable to wear, but she seems to make the best of it.

jet said...

Bender just had his lumps checked and they turned out to be of the fatty variety. We have a watching brief now though the vet said not to do it every week or it would drive us crazy. She knows how diligent we are with him now that he is middle aged :/

Laura and Hans said...

I hope all is okay with Miss M! And no one can make a cone look as stylish as she can.

Unknown said...

She looks very gorgeous in these inner-tube costumes. It is hard to accept that your dear one has tumor. Leave it, God bless him. Treatment for Fleas

Anonymous said...

All cones are not equal, indeed! I still feel like there is a 2.0 version waiting to be invented! Until then, Miss M is rockin it well. Boo to the tumor but thankfully she has awesome parents willing to go broke for her!!!

Kate said...

I think I must have missed the original post about this, but I'm sorry Ms. M had a tumor. Lots of good thoughts she she stays bump-free!

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