Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: That Time the Pups Tried to Crash Riot Fest

While Chicago has a lot of really big music festivals, one thing that was unique about last weekend's Riot Fest was that it was a huge festival held in a park smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.
Our neighborhood.
The festival brought tens of thousands of people streaming into our neighborhood, and Friday night we rushed home to hunker down knowing it might be hard to leave all weekend. We heard with the traffic and road closures it took some of our neighbors two hours to get home (normally a 40 minute drive) and they had to park as far as a mile from their home. It brought so many people to the area that cell phone service was spotty all weekend.
Though it did have a really, really good line up with Weezer, The Cure, Jane's Addiction, Slayer, The Flaming Lips, Wu-Tang Clan, just to name a few.
The pups were not so excited their favorite stomping grounds were blocked off, but they were excited to see so many people in their neighborhood.
Mr. B even tried to score some tickets.
E and I ended up going for a bit just to check it out.  Somehow they crammed 7 stages, a carnival and non-stop rows of the best-of carnival food (funnel cakes! cheese on a stick! poutine!) into our park. We saw The Nationals, Flaming Lips, and Wu-Tang Clan. We saw part of The Cure and the beginning of Weezer which was playing the Blue Album in its entirety! Though the crowds were so bad, jostling, and completely drunk by that time that we just decided to run home where we could hear everything clearly, sans crowds, from our deck.
It was kind of fun to hear everything clearly, sans crowds, on our deck.
This is what Miss M thought about the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.
Though they weren't too impressed by Slayer.

At least the pups were able to legally do this.
Our favorite non-dog activity that allowed dogs!
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OG said...

Wow! I could never brave the crowds, noise and food garbage with Petey! I'm not sure if I agree with Ms M's opinion of the Mighty (x3) Boss Tones...Petey and I are fortunate to live a few blocks from Central Park and we go to the rehearsals for big concerts. We saw Stevie Wonder!
And per yesterday's post...MANY apartments (to buy and to rent) in NYC have lb restrictions for dogs...often requiring dog interviews!

JustaGirl said...

So fun! Glad you guys & the pups had a great time :)

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