Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pooches: Is There a Certain Age?

Miss M has always been a bit excited.
When I first adopted her, she wouldn't just pick up a toy to play with, but she had to leap across my apartment like a puma.
Every attempt to give her a bath became an episode of the roadrunner and coyote.
And she just couldn't handle....everything:
Though routine and training classes young Miss M became manageable.
Though she still had that youthful overexcitement.
Seeing how young Miss M had the personality of 2 dogs, when we were looking to adopt our second dog we decided to go older. At 5 years old, Mr. B was just Mr. B.
I think it was after Miss M turned 4 that she lost that adolescent edge. She stayed still long enough to give her a bath. Now they both stay still long enough to take baths together.
The other day one of our SociaBulls friends, who has been dealing with a similar case of excitement, asked if there was a certain age when dogs lose that adolescent energy and just become calm.
We know all dogs are different, and even at 9 years old Miss M still can be a bit too excited at times:

Have you found there is a certain age when your pup becomes less excited?

This was the training command that changed my life!
We are so glad we learned this secret.
Our most popular aging post.


How Sam Sees It said...

I've always found with Golden's that 2 is the magic year. Well, some Golden's, not Monty. Typically when they hit two all the training and socializing and work you've done with them kicks in.


Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Eek! I sure hope so! I brought Tess home when she was 2 and she's been pretty laid back since...but I bet she's always been like that!

As for Ed, I wonder if he has a "certain age." He's a bulldog mix, too, and they are notorius for maturing late. So, it sounds like we're waiting until 4? Seesh.

Anonymous said...

For both labs I have had, 7-8 seemed to be the age where they learned chilling was just as fun as zooming. The Frenchie seems pretty mellow at 5.

Katie said...

I have a beagle mix whom we adopted at approx. 3 years old, and she's always been pretty mellow-- in fact that's a big part of the reason why hubby and I picked her! I sometimes wonder, though, if she had more energy as a puppy or if she was just born lazy ;)

Julia said...

oh man, I can't wait for Lily to hit that magic age! She's almost 3 and still has the same amount of energy. I'm hoping the chill-out age comes sooner than 7!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are going to be 6 and mom is still waiting for the adolescent edge to stop
Benny & Lily

Michelle said...

Our Golden mix sisters turn 3 on Friday. They haven't slowed down a bit. They still play like two bears fighting over a salmon. Maybe by 4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

Age 12? Or maybe 10/11? Not sure with Mina but in the past 3-4 years she stopped being able to go on long walks. She still loves hardcore tumble sessions in the yard with Celeste...and she is a lot easier to handle because she is only 35 lbs and 14.

Celeste mellowed out around age 3/4. She is much more centered and calm now (she turns 6 next month).

Anonymous said...

With Labs it seems like the magic number is 4 years old... however... and that's a big however... at ages 9 and 7 years old Boomer and Dottie can still become absolute freaks (and I mean that lovingly) when they want to.

My Two Pitties said...

I was just thinking about this because we have a new dog in the house. Kaya & Norman are still 2 and 1 1/2 but I certainly find them very easy now. Kaya is older but the much more excitable than Norman. She changed a lot when she was around 1, but I think training and consistency was the bigger factor. I wanted and older dog too as my second dog but ended up with another puppy. Norman, however, has always been easy going since his puppy days:)

Ashley June said...

At about 2 my lab finally started to take a moment to consider what I was asking. She hasn't lost any energy or daring, but she actually started to think things through and respond to me in a more calm manner...unless water is involved :)

Dobermom said...

I have 2 Dobermans. I've had my boy for 6 years and have found him to be pretty mellow most of the time and he's 8 now. I've had my girl for 2 years now and she's pretty spunky and she's 2 1/2 now. She has calmed down a lot since I adopted her.

Annie & Pauls Mom said...
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Annie & Pauls Mom said...

Annie (7) started to loose her puppy edge at 2. But please keep in mind, she's a fox hound who has to deal with being inside (instead of in teh woods off leash chasing a fox and keeping up with horses running through the woods). And by loosing her puppy edge, I mean she stopped looking at me like "I could go for a 10 mile run!" after our morning 2 mile run.
Paul (8), on the other hand, runs hot/cold. He is thrilled when it's walk time and charges down the hallway to the door running in circles around me the entire time. But he's just as happy lying next to me on the couch as I blog.
Honestly, I'm listening to Annie and Paul play at the far end of the house right now. They're talking about something, I'm just not sure what.

jet said...

Bender is 7 and he hasn't lost his puppy edge at all. THe only problem is that his body has problems keeping up nowadays and he often ends up sore after a play session.

sweetemaline said...

When Turk turned 4, he became significantly less crazy. When we adopt another dog, it will be an older dog. Having Moby the perpetual puppy has reminded me so many of the reasons why I adore older pups! :)


luodidigood said...

Well, some Golden's, not Monty. Typically when they hit two all the training and socializing and work you've done with them kicks in.
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